Fly in a Spitfire Mk.26B Replica

Is it perhaps your dream to fly in a legendary World War II aircraft? Then you’re in good company: aviation enthusiasts all over the world share this dream with you.

Taking a trip in a real Spitfire, Mustang P-51, or Messerschmitt Bf109 is a rare privilege. The Project Spitfire Foundation believes it can offer you an experience very close to such a dream. Starting from €500, you can become a co-owner of our Spitfire Mk26B and fly along for half an hour.

Sale of Part-Time Ownership Certificates per waiting list from May 24, 2022

Currently, 20 flight hours per year Part-Time Ownership Certificates have been issued. This year (2022) is the first year that the Foundation is operational with High Lady. In addition to flights for the Flying Owners, there are also Fly By flights being arranged (for example, recently on May 5th and May 11th). We still need to determine how much availability there will be for Part-Time Ownership Certificate holders to enjoy their flight. For this reason, we will implement a waiting list from May 24, 2022. The next interested party who contacts us will receive a confirmation email with a date and sequence number. Below, the list that may emerge will be published so that individuals can see their position on that list. The next Part-Time Ownership Certificate holder who wishes to relinquish their certificate can then sell it to the next person on the waiting list. There will be administrative costs of approximately €75 as the Registration Certificate needs to be updated. Our proposal will be to go through this procedure twice a year and distribute the administrative costs among the group that is removed from or added to the list. Below is all relevant information about the Part-Time Ownership Certificates.

High Lady in action

Since the Foundation now has an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization) status, including an RSIN (Fiscal Information Number), donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

Part-Time Ownership Certificate

If you would like to fly along, you can purchase a share in the aircraft for €750. This grants you a Part-Time Ownership Certificate. In return, you are offered one hour of flying per calendar year, piloted by an experienced Flying Volunteer from the Project Spitfire Foundation. With your share of €750, you become a co-owner of the aircraft and will be registered as such with the authorities. You will also contribute to the costs of storage, insurance, and maintenance at a rate of €16 per month per Part-Time Ownership Certificate via direct debit. If you are licensed and wish to fly the aircraft yourself, the Foundation may require you to purchase a larger number of shares, depending on your experience with Taildraggers. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

If one hour of flying seems a bit too much, you can purchase a half Part-Time Ownership Certificate for €500. This grants you a half-hour flight in the Supermarine Spitfire Mk26B. The monthly contribution for storage, insurance, and maintenance costs will then be €8 per month.

You commit to co-ownership for a minimum of one year. After that period, you can sell your share through the Foundation to another interested party.


Would you like to support the project without physically flying? That’s possible too! With a donation of €500 or more, you will be listed as a donor on the website and in the donor list of the photo report book that will be created about the journey from the establishment of the Foundation to flying with the aircraft. If you prefer to remain anonymous as a donor, we will of course not mention you in those locations.

You can express your interest as a project donor via email at