“Wrapped Up and On The Move”

Earlier we shared the news that the insurance company had paid out. So we could proceed to transfer the purchase sum to Dan Springer and arrange the transport of our “new” Spitfire, kit 81. As we found it somewhat risky to hang up a partial assembled Spitfire (what would be the strength of the fuselage when only about half of the rivets were placed?) in a 40 ft container, we sought out for a different solution. At the aeroclub in Hilversum (some of our Project participants are also member there) a DHL employee told us we should consider putting Prinses Beatrix on a so called “Flat Rack”, wrap her up and transport her to the Netherlands that way.

And so this was put in to motion. As your reporter was in the midst of his Boeing 737 Captain to Airbus A330, I could not go over to Canada to assist with the packing process. Luckily, Victor Telkamp, our (Flight) Technical Board member was able to go to Dan Springer. Dan had “scrambled” forces to assist with the packing proces.

On top of that, Dan had arranged for a fork lift to get Prinses Beatrix hoisted up on the Flat Rack.

Prepping the wings and hoisting the main frame on the flat rack had taken a day. The next day would be filled with securing and shrink wrapping the precious cargo.

And there she goes. Towards Montreal.

On April 1st (no, not a joke!) the Toronto Express left the harbor of Montreal. It is expected to arrive in the port of Southampton on April 12th. Most likely that ship will throw out the mooring lines for the docking in the port of Antwerp April 13th or 14th. Followed by some Customs rituals after which she’ll probably move towards Teuge on a truck. Plan is to arrange a fork lift that can reach high enough to pull Prinses Beatrix of the flat rack. And then the final assembly of our Prinses can commence. Keep you all posted!

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