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    Jeroen van den Berg

    This topic is meant to share our experiences with the PSRU seal.

    When did you encounter issues with the PSRU (after how many flight hours/years)?

    Where did you order a new seal?


    Did you have issues installing it?

    PSRU Seal replacement

    Jeroen van den Berg

    Chad gave some valuable feedback on the Facebook Page regarding the sizes of the PSRU seals, copy-paste below:

    Note to everyone, the part number supplied by harold will not fit most of the psru’s. Harold has one of only about 5 or so psru’s that run on a single 8 in wide belt. The size of his seal is 105 OD, 70 ID, 10 thickness.
    If you are running a psru with a dual belt system, you need yours to be 100/70/10 or 100/65/10. Can’t remember exactly, but the dimensions will be stated on the seal itself.

    Project Spitfire

    Hi All. A quick note on PSRU seals. I blew the lower input seal on my LS3 PSRU. It is an SOG seal from Taiwan. Apparently common in Au but not so common around these parts. SOG has a website where you can ask for info.
    I eventually got a contact in Edmonton who brought a pack in for me. Their name was Daemar (see this link)
    I think they have offices around North America but check the website to be sure. Or send SOG a note on their contact page and they’ll steer you in the direction of a local distributor.

    Part number is 7010510-DL-V. Not super expensive unless you’re in the middle of nowhere or heading for a fly in and it starts to leak.
    Make sure you get the Viton ones. They’ll tolerate the heat a bit better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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